TALENT: Internationally renowned playwright Mbongeni Ngema and the late jazz genius Hugh Masekela. The two will be honoured in eSwatini as part of the Youth Month celebrations. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi/ANA

In celebrating Youth Month, the Number 43 Foundation will host the annual KwaMagogo Legacy event in honour of the late music legend Hugh Masekela.

The 10th instalment of the event, themed The Power of Music, will honour Masekela posthumously, as well as the internationally renowned playwright Mbongeni Ngema.

Ngema, a writer, lyricist, composer, director and theatre producer, is one of South Africa’s most celebrated artists and the man behind the musical Sarafina!, which later became a movie. Additional music on the movie is by Masekela.

The organiser, Lucky Masilela, said the event stemmed from various individuals who took part in the liberation Struggle.

This year, the recognition goes to music and the performing arts.

“Our intention is to honour those who participated in the liberation Struggle; to honour those who made a difference and captured our history properly.

“We thought that after having celebrated the youth and widows of the Struggle in 2017, our artists, through song, were able to participate in our Struggle definitely,” Masilela said.

He said the aim of this annual event was to recognise various individuals who contributed in their own form of “Magogoism”.

According to Masilela, “Magogism” is the spirit of giving and sharing selflessly.

“We feel that our history cannot be told at one sitting or event. Our history keeps changing. It is evolving with time and society, and we have to ensure that it is properly captured and understood by all,” Masilela said.

“It’s plugging that hole and ensuring that our history lives.

“The other thing that keeps cropping up over the years is the fallacies in terms of the interpretation of our history of the Struggle.

“Who was in the forefront and instrumental and who made the change towards our liberation. Those fallacies call upon us to correct and put into perspective our journey,” he said.

KwaMagogo Legacy was named after ugogo Rebecca Masilela, who, during the apartheid era, used her home in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) as a safe house for freedom fighters.

“She would welcome those from the ANC and PAC and she played the role of ensuring that the political differences did not permeate deeper than what they were in terms of the Struggle. Operatives and exiles who frequented gogo’s house included SANDF General Solly Zacharia Shoke, and former presidents Jacob Zuma and Thabo Mbeki. The list is endless,” Masilela said.

The event will be held on Friday and Saturday at the Royal Swazi Spa in Ezulwini, eSwatini.

Attendees will experience a host of activities, such as a business breakfast round table, a jazz night, a 10km Legacy walk/run and a gala dinner.

For more details, visit http://number43trelawneypark.org/event/10th-annual-legacy-event/

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