Chaos as hundreds escape gas leak

By Time of article published Apr 13, 2012

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Almost 1 000 employees fled their offices in the Randburg CBD this morning after gas leaked into the ventilation system at their work premises.

JDG Trading, based in Kent Avenue, was in chaos as employees were evacuated. Five were seriously injured from gas inhalation.

Netcare spokesman Jeff Wicks said a mid-morning emergency call was made from the building after staff complained of tickling throats and difficulty breathing.

Paramedics and hazard material (hazmat) teams rushed to the scene.

Eight people received treatment at the scene. Five were in respiratory distress. The eight were quickly moved to a medical station set up further away from the noxious gases.

By 11am the five were stable.

Hazmat teams were still trying to find the source of the leak about 11am. Paramedics were unable to confirm what type of gas had leaked.

Attempts to contact the JDG regional office for comment were unsuccessful.

A communications officer at the Randburg branch was unavailable.

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