Avianca Bohm, 22, was crowned Miss Universe New Zealand. The 22-year-old Howick woman, who grew up in South Africa, is a resident of New Zealand, however she is not yet a citizen. 4 June 201 NZH 05Jun12 - Avianca Bohm, 22, who was crowned Miss Universe New Zealand on Saturday night, is confident her citizenship will be fast-tracked, saying it is just a matter of paperwork. Picture / Sarah Ivey / New Zealand Herald

There is just over a week before Miss Universe New Zealand has to front up with citizenship papers or surrender her crown.

Avianca Bohm, 22, is in SA on holiday while she awaits news from the Minister of Internal Affairs Chris Tremain.

Internal Affairs could not discuss applications but a spokesman said they were fast-tracked only in “special cases”.

“Urgency may be considered for special cases including humanitarian grounds or in cases where applicants are representing New Zealand. Applicants must provide compelling evidence for their application to be treated as urgent.”

A citizenship application usually took seven weeks.

Last year’s winner of Miss World NZ, SA’s Mianette Broekman, also had to fast-track her citizenship.

Pageant organiser Val Lott said Bohm was hopeful she would represent her adopted country in Las Vegas.

But she conceded time was running out as an answer was needed by August 1. – New Zealand Herald