In reply to your editorial of Friday, June 8 concerning the risks of cannabis smoking and the legalisation of cannabis, may I draw your attention to a leaflet which I obtained recently while travelling through the Netherlands, the only country in the world (I think) to have successfully legalised dagga.


Union of Cannabis Shop Owners

Raised by and for Coffee Shop owners

1 Just use cannabis for fun!

2 Do not smoke cannabis every day.

3 When smoking cannabis, your ability to concentrate can change.

4 There are different kinds of cannabis with different strengths, so be well informed. If you don’t know how strong your weed or hash is and you would like to try it out, just take one little puff and wait for the effect before smoking further. Cannabis is included directly in the blood so long inhale is not necessary.

5 The action of alcohol and cannabis can amplify each other, so be careful when smoking and drinking at the same time.

6 People who prefer to use their cannabis in cakes, tea, etc, please note that the effect takes longer to appear and the dosage is hard to decide.

7 Cannabis can also have a strange effect, which may express itself as a warm/cold feeling and may include sweating. DON’T PANIC! A reason for this can be that your blood sugar level is too low. Just eat something sweet like chocolate, water or a cola.

8 Do not use cannabis during pregnancy!

9 Consult your doctor before using cannabis in combination with any medications you may be taking.

10 Note that smoking is bad for your health anyway.

11 Nicotine in tobacco is very addictive. You will not have this problem when smoking your cannabis pure.

12 Do not buy your drugs on the street, just look for a coffee shop.

13 The Dutch drug policy is more liberal than in other countries, so don’t take your cannabis over the border.

14 For more information you can ask the coffee shop staff.

Postbus 946 1000 AX Amsterdam (End of transcript).

Note too that cannabis is considered a “soft drug” in the Netherlands, while all other drugs are considered “hard” and hence strictly illegal.

Chris Athanassiou

Petersfield, Springs