723 23/05/2012 Pedri van Zyl a resident of Zandspruit, near Honeydew is concerned about the illegal dumping happening almost 2-3 km away from his property. Picture: Moeletsi Mabe

AN ILLEGAL builders’ rubble dump has started operating in Zandspruit, presenting potential danger to residents and neighbours of the informal settlement.

Neighbours have expressed fury that the authorities – specifically the Joburg metro police and Pikitup – have not moved in to put an end to it.

They claim that the site is uncontrolled and carries health and safety risks for Zandspruit neighbours, residents, children and people who scavenge on the dump.

Neighbours claim an unauthorised person is collecting money from builders’ subcontractors who dump there at half the price of normal dump sites.

Pedri van Zyl lives and owns land near Zandspruit. He is also the developer of the Jackal Creek Golf Estate in Northriding.

He says he has been reporting this matter to Pikitup for six months.

“After noticing rubble and refuge being dumped at this site, I was also contacted by concerned community members at Zandspruit.

“I immediately reported this to our ward councillor. I have also reported this to Pikitup and I took the trouble to arrange a meeting with an official to show him where exactly this illegal dumping site is,” he said.

Van Zyl said the Pikitup official spoke to the culprits and took photographs of the site.

He undertook to report the situation to higher authorities.

“In the meanwhile, dumping never stopped.

“I have since enquired about the situation and was informed that the metro police were apparently instructed to put a stop to any further dumping at the site.

“This has not happened because dumping at the site is ongoing and gaining momentum because building contractors have also started using the illegal facility,” he said.

Van Zyl said that according to former Pikitup chief executive Zami Nkosi, eradication of illegal dumping spots was high on Pikitup’s agenda last year.

“As a concerned citizen, I have really tried to assist by reporting this illegal dumping site to Pikitup, but to no avail.

“Nothing has happened yet and the illegal dumping site is now really getting out of hand,” he said, adding that there is no control of what is being dumped there.

It is illegal to operate an unlicensed dumping site and the health and safety of the Zandspruit community are at risk.

“The Thusanang Crèche is in very close proximity to the dumping site and is at serious risk health and safety wise.

“Big trucks and bakkies are constantly driving to and from the site, endangering pedestrians and school children,” he said.

Pikitup had not commented by the time of going to print.