Caryn Dolley

XOLILE Mngeni, accused of murdering Anni Dewani, would supply tik to others and accept their cellphones as a form of payment if they did not have cash.

This emerged in the Cape Town High Court yesterday when Mngeni’s legal representative, Matthews Dayimani, cross-examined a witness, a friend of Mngeni’s from Khayelitsha, who may not be named for fear of reprisals.

Mngeni has denied robbing, kidnapping and murdering Anni on November 13, 2010.

Yesterday, Dayimani asked the witness if he knew what Mngeni’s source of income had been in 2010. The witness said Mngeni would ask for money at home.

Dayimani then asked: “Did he have a good supply of tik?”

The witness said he did not remember anything about tik.

Dayimani then put it to him that the witness was provided with a cut of Mngeni’s “supply”.

Judge Robert Henney told the witness he did not have to answer the question, but the witness responded: “I had nothing to do with that.”

Dayimani then put it to the witness that it was also his instruction that the witness, as well as some of his friends, would give their cellphones to Mngeni in exchange for tik.

Judge Henney clarified this by saying that instead of paying money, the witness and his friends would leave their cellphones with Mngeni in exchange for the drug.

“There’s no such thing,” the witness replied.

On Wednesday, the witness testified that in the early hours of November 14, 2010, the day Anni’s body was discovered, Mngeni had arrived at his shack and later, along with his girlfriend, slept over at the witness’s shack.

However, Dayimani said yesterday that Mngeni would deny this.

“He used my shack. The sheet was dirty. His jacket was left behind,” the witness insisted.

The trial continues.