Did I sleep in my bed this time?

By Time of article published Sep 30, 2011

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LONDON: If you have ever felt confused upon waking up in a hotel room, don’t blame sleepiness. Instead, it’s your memory that’s at fault.

Research suggests that the bewildered feeling we get is caused by two memories competing for precedence. The memory of home jostles with recollections of the hotel and the brain plays with both for a few seconds before settling on the correct one.

Norwegian scientists studied how memories are organised in the brain. To mimic the effect of waking in a strange room, they trained rats to recognise two boxes, each lit differently on the inside. They then fooled the rats into thinking they had moved from one box to the other, simply by changing the lighting. Professor May-Britt Moser, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said: “It makes them believe they have been teleported.” – Daily Mail

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