The incident involving the young women and gum on the Gautrain may seem like much ado about nothing to most people, but I would like to relate an experience I had some years ago.

I was on holiday in the UK during one of their rare warm summers. My wife and I, along with some relatives who live in the UK, visited the small coastal town of Folkestone.

As we walked, it was unpleasant to feel my shoes sticking to the surfaces. They were all of a uniform colour, black.

It transpired that the normal surfaces were completely covered in discarded chewing gum and my shoes were sticking to this revolting goo.

It further transpired that the local authority had given up trying to clean away the mess because it could not find a suitable solvent and it was too costly and time-consuming to try to do it manually.

Local people were used to it, but to a visitor it was revolting.

Don’t let gum goo up the Gautrain.

Ken Stacey

Cinda Park, Boksburg