CHALLENGE: Former Miss SA Liesl Laurie and actor Nyaniso Dzedze after a dynamic driving challenge hosted by Discovery Insurance at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit yesterday. 
Picture: Timothy Bernard
Former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie challenged Discovery Insure’s ambassador Nyaniso Dzedze, to a fun-filled safe driving competition on Thursday at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.

With the car insurance company hosting the exclusive VIP driving experience, the overall outcome proved to be that out of the 22 competitors, the men drove their Jaguars faster than the women.

After recently upgrading her driving skills, Laurie told the Star: “I was never really a bad driver, but it’s the second time that I am doing something really fun with Discovery in terms of driving and understanding safety.

“It’s definitely taught me a lot today, in terms of turns and braking as well.

“The first course was more about precision and time, so that for me was my kind of vibe. The second course was a lot of topsy turvy, we had to do a sign, we had to do a crazy U-turn and for me that one was a little bit hectic.

“I must say that I had a partner, who thought that we were literally racing another car. So she went woes (crazy). But all in all it was an amazing fun time. So if I was a 8/10 (driver) I am probably a 9/10 now,” laughs Laurie.

Dzedze, her competitor who has been dubbed as South Africa’s safest driver, said: “I’ve always been an aware driver.

“I’d always probably call myself a conscious driver, a persona that is quite responsible on the road.”

Founder and executive director of Discovery Insure Themba Baloyi said: “It’s a pity that a lot of people don’t actually get to be in a controlled environment to see what a vehicle is actually capable of. This is actually a very powerful weapon... So for me, this is like a moment of reckoning. It’s not just a fun element, yes it is because it pumps up your adrenalin to a high.

“You can never over-emphasise (safe driving) what is going on here as a country. It is always essential for people and hopefully people in this environment are able to take the lessons learnt here, and the heightened exposure, to their families and friends and to spread the message that we need to be cautious when we drive these vehicles.”