ACTIVISTS behind the public art project Kgantsa Ho Ganye are on a mission to use art to overcome social ills in our society.

Tomorrow, an ‘‘artrising’’ will be held at Lebo’s Backpackers in Orlando West, Soweto.

The social activists behind the project, loosely translated as ‘‘light up and brighten up’’, will use the spirit of June 16 as part of the running theme “We Remember” for the event that begins at 9am and ends at 8pm.

“This is a project we have been running throughout the year,’’ said cultural activist Taryn Mackay.

The cultural organisation also teaches art education at Thabisang Primary School.

Mackay said township schools still feel the lack of art education the most.

“We want to better the quality of education through art. Being able to teach through art and grounding them in community history,” she said.

The project holds monthly community storytelling sessions.

Called memory circles, elders are invited to tell stories about why they fought for education in 1976 and share other Struggle stories with the younger generation.

This will take place from noon until 2pm tomorrow.

Between 10am and noon, children will be taught printing techniques in a workshop with Lebo’s youth club from Thabaneng Primary School.

“We will also have a Medu silkscreen tribute where 16 artists will produce 16 prints. Medu artists will produce art for a message,” she said.

The artists will be encouraged to make protest art about issues that affect today’s youth. The prints will then be sold.

“For the rest of the day, there will be a stage with performances and dance, as well as graffiti and finally a market,” said Mackay.

Tomorrow’s event is co-organised by Good Feel Music.

The two organisations’ main aim is to “use street art to heal and nurture the youth”.

“The event is open to the public and it is free, “ said Mackay.