Julius Malema has been reported in The Star of June 28 to have regretted and apologised dearly for campaigning for President Jacob Zuma.

He should not be worried why today he finds himself in the political wilderness because the ANC can do far better without sour opportunists like him.

Malema must not apologise to South Africans, but only apologise to himself for his misguided beliefs that he would be rewarded with tenders for campaigning for Zuma. South Africans must see this directionless Malema as the liar and visionless man that he is.

He blindly believes he is the reason why Jacob Zuma was elected in Polokwane in 2007, yet we all know the decision to replace Thabo Mbeki with Zuma had already been taken by the SACP and Cosatu.

We can only thank the ANC for ousting this loose cannon. The ANC can do far better without him. Probably he will be accepted in the so-called “Friends of the Youth League”, which in reality is not any friends of the youth of SA.

Kwazi Mthembu

Naledi, Soweto