Ray Bowring writes: I thought I’d drop you a line because we are at our wits’ end.

Last year, Metrowatch featured problems we face in Loveday Street South (“Abusive squatter terrorises businesses”, The Star, November 18).

The squatter, who lives in the bushes across the road from businesses, makes a mess and verbally abuses customers.

Your article had an immediate and energising effect on our metro police, who have since been fining “mom and pop shops” for “illegal” advertising on the pavement and for not wearing catering caps. Always R1 000. How odd.

What about the food hawkers found up and down our streets, especially those cooking on the pavements? Where are their catering hats, permits, refuse disposal facilities, and so on?

It seems as if you can mess and pollute wherever you are, and there is no law to prevent you from doing whatever it is that you wish to do, no penalty.

But for law-abiding citizens trying to eke out a living and obeying the rules of the land, well, that’s another matter.

Besides squatting illegally, this one-man health hazard must be one of epic proportions.