Hero dad dies in shoot-out

By Time of article published Jan 30, 2013

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‘HE MADE a decision to protect his family, but lost his life defending them.” Those were the words of the relatives of a man who was killed in the presence of his 12-year-old son.

Two armed men got into Shaun Lipshitz’s Bedfordview home through a window just before 9pm on Monday.

“The man was surprised by two armed men in his house. When the suspects pointed at the owner with their firearms, he also drew his firearm. A shoot-out ensued in which all three were shot dead,” said police spokeswoman Julia Claassen.

“Three firearms were recovered, one being (that of the) owner, and two others have been sent to police for ballistics tests,” she said.

As police searched the home of IT specialist Lipshitz yesterday, a few houses away, in Senderwood, mourners arrived at the home of Lipshitz’s brother, where funeral arrangements were being made.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Reva Goldsmith described Lipshitz as a man who adored his family. “The family are in shock. How do we recover? How do the kids recover when their father is gone? He gave his life for his children.” Claassen said Lipshitz’s wife and three children were receiving counselling.

Bedfordview Community Policing Forum spokeswoman Marina Constas said they understood the men came over the wall from an open piece of land from Wordsworth Avenue.

“This has disturbed the residents,” said Constas, adding that last week another family had been held at gunpoint a few houses away.

“They stole goods and left without killing anyone. We are not sure if these people are linked.”

Lipshitz was buried at West Park Cemetery yesterday afternoon.

A security guard initially barred The Star team from entering, telling them that “no blacks” were allowed.

Kutlwano Olifant and Matthews Baloyi had gone to the cemetery to follow up information on the Lipshitz murder and to speak to friends and relatives to find out more about the heroic father.

“No blacks are allowed unless you work here,” said the security guard at the gate.

The man later opened the gates.

Joburg City Parks spokeswoman Jenny Moodley said: “We would like to point out that there is no area in the cemetery that (restricts) access based on colour. We request the complainant to provide us with all relevant details, and we will certainly investigate.”

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