1Tony Dry writes:

Up until about four months ago, I received both my rates and water accounts by post and e-mail. Since then I have received no accounts by either delivery method. I have checked on the website that my details, which have not changed, are correct. I have e-mailed them to query this, to no avail.

I do keep my accounts up to date by accessing them via the website, but would enjoy getting an e-mailed account each month.

Thanks for your help.

Dry writes again: I received scanned copies of my May accounts. However, there was no assurance that this was not a once-off and that future accounts will be e-mailed automatically. Thanks for your prompt help.

2Mandana Abeyawardena writes: A prepaid electricity meter was installed in my house in Randpark on May 14 last year and I am still being charged for electricity by the council. I have submitted the necessary documentation to the council twice, but the problem doesn’t seem to get resolved.

My current outstanding amount is more than R20 000 now. I first logged this query in Randburg in mid-September and have had subsequent reference numbers.

Abeyawardena writes again: The council has reversed all the charged electricity. I am convinced that this got sorted out because of your involvement. Thank you for the good work you are doing for the public.

3Paddy Faller of Kensington, writes: I have recently received a letter from New Integrated Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd demanding payment of the outstanding amount of R26 920. My calculations show that, since June 2010, I have been charged more than R30 000 for a non-existent meter, as well as more than R1 000 in interest charges.

I have regularly paid my account, but have excluded payment for this non-existent meter, and requested that my account be credited with all the charges for this meter as well as all the interest charges accrued.

Faller writes again: I have been contacted by the City of Joburg requesting that they do a meter reading, which I arranged for them to do. I had a follow-up call to confirm the reading value and correct meter number.

Thank you for your assistance.

4Paul Hartigan of Randburg writes: I wrote to Metrowatch in February about my billing issues. I received a letter and was phoned by a gentleman who was going to come and look at my meter. I thought all was starting to look hopeful.

But since then nothing has happened and my latest bill is still incorrect.

I am desperate to go on to prepaid but I cannot until my bill has been sorted out.

Hartigan writes again: Thank you, I finally have one meter reading on my bill with the correct meter number on it. Thank you for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

5Nono Ledwaba-Mweli writes: I would like to thank Kgomotso Shabane from the City of Joburg call centre for the prompt and professional service rendered. I can safely say this is the first time ever I got joy from this service provider.

I called at 2.34pm and four minutes later I had received my requested statement, and both my e-mail address and my postal address have been updated. Thumbs up to you, City of Joburg, for bringing on board people of Shabane’s calibre.