The body of a firefighter who slipped out the widow and fell to his death lies in front of the burning building in the Joburg CBD.

The three firefighters who died while attending to the Joburg CBD fire had put out fire from high rise buildings before so it's too premature to be asking if their training had been adequate.

This was according to Nana Radebe, spokesperson of the Johannesburg Emergency Services who vouched for her colleagues'  training after many questions over their training were raised following their deaths.

One firefighter slipped out the window and fell to his death not long after arriving at the scene. Two others died of smoke inhalation after being trapped in the building.

Eight other firefighters were admitted to hospital, seven with injuries of various degrees, while one was admitted for exhaustion.

Radebe said although no one was sure what had happened as other firefighters were still too traumatised to speak, this kind of fire was not unique to the dead men as they had put down similar fires from similar buildings before.

"It is too premature to be making decisions about their training. Their training was adequate and what we know is that they had their equipment with them. They have put down fires at high rise buildings before so this was not their first time. We are just not sure of what happened," she said.

Investigations into their deaths are underway.

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