I had the great fortune of watching screeching boys chasing and jumping on top of one another in a playpen during lunch the other day.

Not only was I was amazed at just how much noise boys can make, but also: who jumps on top of another human being and thinks it’s funny? They absolutely loved it. They squashed, elbowed, pushed, shoved and head-butted one another until eventually one of the boys ran off crying when the action got a bit too intense.

Soon a young lady entered the pen and all resistance crumbled.

It was the strongest of the boys who caught her eye and she had him wrapped around her little finger as she showed off her play-play tattoo and he admiringly cooed over it and her.

He followed her around for a while and they discussed what one can only imagine.

It was such a sweet sight and it got me thinking that nothing really changes in life; it just starts off really innocent and, I guess, depending on how you look at it, gets complicated along the way.

Boys will be boys and they’ll always try to be strong, brave, play tough and become CEO, but as soon as the fairer sex enters the pen even the strongest boy gets distracted from his tough, rough life. These are the joys of life and being a woman.