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Nothing obliges motorists to respond to enquiries about whether they are registered for e-tolls, says DA MP Manny de Freitas.

Johannesburg - I have been inundated with calls and e-mails from Gauteng motorists who have been stopped at roadblocks. They shared how they have been intimidated and threatened by SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) staff and traffic officials.

They were intimidated and threatened into registering for e-tags. This is illegal. There is no legislation that forces anyone to sign up for e-tags.

In any case, if such legislation existed it would not pass constitutional muster.

Sanral is desperate to increase its e-toll subscriptions and improve its income because, clearly, the public’s peaceful resistance campaign is working.

I am writing to Sanral chief executive Nazir Alli requesting to meet him to discuss this concerning matter.

If stopped at one of those roadblocks one is made to feel uncomfortable, ask the officer to produce their certificate of appointment and take note of their name and traffic authority they work for.

By law, officers are obliged to identify themselves.

Should the officer refuse to do so, simply take note of the registration number of the official vehicle on site.

Officials may not make enquiries into e-tolls and whether one is registered. Nothing obliges one to respond to these questions.

Do not be intimidated!


Manny de Freitas, MP

DA spokesman on transport

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