Janey Edwards writes: I refer to the Cottesmore Park in Bryanston, bordered by Cottesmore Road on the west, Queens Road on the north and Waterloo Road on the east. I live on the Waterloo Road side.

There was a team maintaining the park on the Cottesmore Road side, which I believe falls directly under City Parks. The person I spoke to told me that the portion on the eastern side of the spruit falls under Conservation, and thus City Parks is not responsible for its maintenance.

I have huge concerns about this section, particularly the fact that it seems that there are people living there, which creates a crime issue. The park is full of weeds and invasive aliens.

Please, can you attend to this?

I would like to see the grass cut, the reeds thinned, aliens such as lantana, seringa, bugweed and canna removed. The litter in this area is also appalling.

An additional problem is that the area catches fire in the winter. Last July I observed flames at least 4m high burning in the reeds. We would love to see this maintained as a true conservation area.

It is a huge worry for people living along Waterloo Road, particularly from the perspective of crime. A few weeks ago, we heard a woman screaming in the park at night.

It’s a lovely suburb, but the decay on the Waterloo Road side is awful.

My main concern is that this park is a potential hot spot for criminals.

City Parks replies: The maintenance of the park and adjacent open space was scheduled to be completed on Saturday, January 26. City Parks would like to thank residents for their patience as we tackle the grass-cutting schedule.