Manu Worldstar. Picture: Instagram
Manu Worldstar. Picture: Instagram

Manu WorldStar on African women, love & new single #Nalingi

By Nokuthula Zwane Time of article published Jul 24, 2018

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South African-born Congolese hip-hop artist Manu WorldStar has his sights set on making it big. With a hit single, Nalingi, Manu WorldStar - whose real name is Emmanuel Mumbili Mutendji - is well on his way to blowing up a storm in the music industry.

The Punchline Media artist’s latest release comes after announcing he had signed a licensing deal with Sony Music, and a co-management and worldwide publishing deal with Vth Season.

For the 23-year-old, the song is an Afro-pop single which is dedicated to the beauty of African women.

“What I am talking about is actually what I am going through right now. She is the one. If I could pour my heart out to a chick, this is what it would sound like.

“The reason why this song is so beautiful is because I think she is beautiful,” he said.

“She is very sweet, pays attention to details, which I love, because I do too. She is strong and she does like help. She is independent and she is beautiful. She is who I am meant to be with,” enthused the musician.

Having never told the love of his life how he really feels about her, the best way he found to express himself was through the song.

In an exclusive listening session at Sony Music’s offices in Westcliff, he sung the lyrics of the single and made everyone around feel warm.

“Tell me why you are looking so divine. These other dudes don’t make it easy to talk to you,” he sung.

Produced by Noble Production and Eternal Africa, Manu WorldStar described Nalingi as being “the soundtrack of Africa”.

“I like this song because it allows people to find joy and happiness in loving someone. It’s a universal feeling, whether you’re 12 or 80. We all have those moments when that one person makes your world stop for a minute.

“The song is very special to me because I tell a story of a feeling that I’ve never had before. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with females but this one is different. I guess that’s why it sounds different from anything I’ve ever made.”

Manu explained that the song itself was one of many other songs he planned to give to the people and that he could not be boxed into one type of genre when it came to making music.

“I would say I am a versatile artist. I do music for seasons. It’s life,” he said.

“What I want to do is to have a playlist of, if you want to hear rap, I’ve got that for you. And if you want to hear singing, I’ve got that too. Although my main persona is hip hop and I resonate in that space, through the way I dress and talk, but my musical ear is more than that,” he said.

With his Sony Music deal being one of his biggest achievements, he told The Star he planned on making it to the world’s biggest festivals

“I’m trying to be bigger than what I am now, and that means I have to do more. But it’s worth it because at the end of the day, I want to be at the festival and everybody will be singing my songs. And that is what I am reaching for right now,” he said.

Disappointments and challenges are inevitable in this cut-throat industry, he added. “Such as when somebody tells me that I am not good enough, especially if I look up to them. There were two moments that happened to me,” he said.

He participated in the Jack Scouts 2015 competition and was one of the Top 10 finalists in Vuzu Hustle season 2 that took place last year.

“I came second and they told me that I wasn’t good enough to win the competition. Not those exact words, but I didn’t win,” he said.

Being told that he had run out of juice crushed him and forced him to work even harder.


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