Ray McCauley’s article “Vulgarity masquerading as arts” (The Star Opinion and Analysis, June 4) on The Spear saga refers.

Among many other flaky statements, Pastor McCauley makes the same mistake that many do in talking about “respect for the office of the state president”.

Mr McCauley should know, and preach, that respect is not the automatic right of anyone, or office, but something that should be earned.

One may rather ask who is bringing the office into disrepute? The answer is all too obvious. Not only Jacob Zuma, but the rest of the ANC leadership.

Rather than cry foul at The Spear, the ANC (and Zuma) should view the whole exhibition and then ask of themselves what they have done to elicit such an expression of distress and disgust.

And then, if they have any self-respect, hang their heads in shame.

I would be interested to know whether Mr McCauley actually made the effort to view the entire exhibition in which The Spear was only one of many pieces that, in my opinion, made some much more powerful statements.

There are many more serious issues that Mr McCauley might pontificate on.

For example, the religious indoctrination of children before they are able to adequately defend themselves.

That does more harm to under-16s than the drawing of a penis.

Ray Greyvenstein

Parktown, Joburg