Linda ProKid Mkhize died last week Wednesday after suffering a severe seizure while visiting friends.

Gauteng MEC for Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Faith Mazibuko described Linda ProKid Mkhize as a good example of how young people expressed and promoted their talent. 

As it is, there were negotiations that he be buried at Heroes Acre at Westpark Cemetery, she said.

"Together with the City of Joburg, we are negotiating that he be laid at the Heroes Acre at Westpark Cemetery. He will lay with his peers like Mandoza and Robbie Malinga." 

Mazibuko, together with Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa, visited the late rapper's home on Monday morning. Mkhize died last week Wednesday after suffering a severe seizure while visiting friends.

Mthethwa said it was important for them as the government to pass their condolences and give whatever support they could muster.

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"We still have a long way to go here in South Africa. People don't spend a lot of money to support artists. We want to change the narrative of them being supported only outside the borders of the country. 

"He was a real trailblazer and big in hip-hop. He's rapping always emphasised his ekasi roots. He has not been afraid to express himself and his character. Language defines who we are first and foremost."

Mthethwa said their visits to the Soweto the rapper's family home was also to finalise his memorial and funeral details.
"It pains us when we see them pass on at such a young age. The officials of government have been working with the family the past few days. Today we were looking at the preparations."

He said the family was in mourning but also celebrating the late rapper's life.

"There is a feeling of loss but also an appreciation of who he was to his peers and fans. His parents spoke about how surprised they were about some of the things they didn't know about him. They didn't really understand the impact he made on society."

Mazibuko said they were also trying to help the family get a suitable venue for the funeral. 

"It might be of a huge magnitude with people coming to pay their respects. This is the life he lived. He contributed to society. We send our condolences to the family and hope to give him a good farewell." 
Final details of the memorial and funeral will be communicated in the week. 


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