Miracle at Tambo Memorial Hospital: Eye surgeon hailed for restoring sight to blind man, aged 92

Dr Agnes Risko Kenyeres, professional nurse Adelaide Moila and Khukhuza Esau Mdhluli, 92, of Wattville, Benoni. | Supplied

Dr Agnes Risko Kenyeres, professional nurse Adelaide Moila and Khukhuza Esau Mdhluli, 92, of Wattville, Benoni. | Supplied

Published Mar 17, 2024


Khukhuza Esau Mdhluli, 92, of Wattville, Benoni, can’t stop thanking the ophthalmology team at Tambo Memorial Hospital for their help in restoring his gift of eyesight.

Having lived for almost nine decades, he conquered numerous challenges in his life, but it is his most recent victory that has reignited hope and restored his freedom.

Mdhluli recently made a special trip to Tambo Memorial Hospital to personally acknowledge Dr Agnes Risko-Kenyeres, the highly esteemed head of ophthalmology at the facility, for the significant impact of her work. This was done as a show of gratitude for her genuine compassion and medical brilliance.

According to Mdhluli, he had gone on a journey from darkness to light, overcoming blindness with the skilled treatment of Dr Risko-Kenyeres and her team.

He lauded the team for their timely actions, which allowed him to have his eyesight restored, thereby increasing his well-being.

From their first meeting, Dr Risko-Kenyeres recognised the urgency of Mdhluli’s situation and immediately scheduled him for cataract surgery.

His right eye was operated on in July 2023 as part of the Gauteng Department of Health’s surgical marathon campaign. This marked the beginning of his remarkable recovery. A similar procedure on his left eye completed the transformation, fully restoring his sight.

“After the cotton wool was removed from my eye, I could see again. It was an incredible moment after years of darkness. Being able to regain my independence, such as by cooking for myself, represents the restoration of both my vision and my dignity. Dr Kenyere’s passion and expertise have changed my life for the better,” Mdhluli explained.

Dr Risko-Kenyeres, who received the Lifetime Humanitarian Award from the Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) at their 55th annual national congress in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, in 2023, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to advancing eye health and improving the well-being of her patients in the Ekurhuleni community.

According to Dr Risko-Kenyeres, she aims to conduct up to 75 cataract operations per month, making a big difference in many people’s lives. In response to her patients’ thanks, she remained humble.

“I am overwhelmed, but I know I couldn’t have done it without my team and the hospital management’s unwavering support.

“Seeing our patients regain their ability to live fully through the restoration of their sight is rewarding,” she said.

Another patient, Kenneth Musi, who testified, spoke about the impact Dr Kenyeres and her staff had on him.

Musi applauded Dr Risko-Kenyeres for taking prompt action to treat his damaged vision and prevent future deterioration by directing him to another doctor in Benoni.

“The doctor and her team prioritised my case, providing the essential interventions that ultimately restored my vision,” Musi said.

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