Some people were not happy with SABC2's Morning Live's decision to invite self-confessed blesser Serge Cabonge to the show.
Some people were not happy with SABC2's Morning Live's decision to invite self-confessed blesser Serge Cabonge to the show.

Morning Live blesser interview leaves bitter taste in many mouths

By BOTHO MOLOSANKWE Time of article published Aug 3, 2018

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JOHANNESBURG-Inviting a self-confessed blesser to Morning Live for an interview may have not been a good move by the show which was mercilessly hammered on Twitter for their decision.

SABC2's Morning Live invited Serge Cabonge, a Congolese national who claims to be a businessman and is also alleged to be one of the country’s top “blessers”. He was once quoted as saying  he was willing to “bless” a “blessee” who would agree to having unprotected sex with him and that he had the “right to enjoy the power of his money to the fullest.”

On Friday the show's host,  Leanne Manas, took a picture of herself with Cabonge and a young lady and posted it on Twitter, saying after the interview, the self-confessed blesser had opened his Louis Vuitton bag and proceeded to hand out $100 bills which came to approximately $1000 (R13 500).

However, many people were not impressed with the fact that a public broadcaster news show had actually given Cabonge airtime and they made their feelings known.

Former police minister Fikile Mbalula was one of the many who were critical and scathing in their response to Manas.

"I've got great respect for you if i may ask my sisters WHY do you promote this behaviour?" Mbalula asked. 

The irony of hosting Cabonge a day after the TotalShutdown march was not lost on Twitter user @MakwetuMfundo. "Promoting blessers on women’s month after women marched #confusedcitizens," he said while @EzamaCirha asked why blessers were on national TV and admonished the SABC, saying they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

"Yerrr SABC is now advertising/ introducing blessers to the youth, you even make it the news, y'all must be ashamed of yourselves. Next time you going to bring us drug dealers or you already brought us one, where do you think this womanizer is getting this kind of money? This is annoying!!"

To @HintsaMalcolm, the interview was just "nonsense" that should have not been given airtime, especially "when RSA is a sea of poverty".

"Don't you have important things to report such as the welfare of students in varsity?" he asked.

Twitter user,  @Stomach_Of_G told Manas that she had mentioned something about human trafficking during the interview "and all of you were smiling and laughing. If there's any evidence that he is involved in human trafficking don't you think as the national broadcaster you must interrogate that instead of laughing and enjoying?" he asked.

Some however, were not bothered at all such as @deborahc793  whose response to Manas was "ask him if he's interested in fat, middle-aged, white ladies please" while @KatanaSiviwe said give him my number!!! tell him to call me."

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