The article published on August 30, 2012 entitled “Desperate bid to end billing nightmare” is a distortion of the truth by Fourie which is clearly intended to embarrass the municipality.

There is a pending application before court and it is inappropriate to deal with the issues raised in such an application. Ultimately the court will have to decide whether Fourie is entitled to the relief that he seeks.

The municipality’s response to the application is that it has always been prepared to meet Fourie in order to address his concerns and that he is not entitled to the relief which he claims.

What Fourie does not say is that he and his attorney have repeatedly refused invitations by the municipality to meet them and debate the issues raised by him.

Instead of accepting the municipality’s invitations to meet and discuss the issues, Fourie chose to set the application down for hearing by the court.

On the day of the hearing Fourie surprisingly agreed to meet with the municipality in order to identify any problems regarding his account.

The order that was made by Judge Claassen was not made after consideration of the application as is suggested by the last paragraph in the article.

The municipality proposed to Fourie’s attorneys that Fourie should meet with it so that his problems may be identified. This invitation had been made on two previous occasions and was rejected by Fourie.

At court, however, Fourie accepted the invitation and the order which was made by the court was by agreement between the parties. Had Fourie co-operated in the past, his concerns would have been addressed a long time ago.

Kgamanyane Stan Maphologela

Acting Director

Customer Communications

Revenue & Customer Relations Department

City of Joburg