A love for mathematics turns into a career choice

Alexandro Deftereos. Picture: Supplied

Alexandro Deftereos. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


The 2023 matric year was the pinnacle in his high school career for SAHETI learner Alexandro Deftereos.

Speaking to The Star, Deftereos told the publication that his matriculation was a very daunting journey.

His efforts were rewarded when he received the second highest average (92%) and nine distinctions in his final examinations: Afrikaans, Business Studies, English, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Mathematics, Modern Greek, Physical Sciences and Further Studies Mathematics (extended).

He was recognised as a Commendable Achiever by the IEB after ranking in the top 5% of candidates nationwide in five or more subjects.

“Regardless, however, of these fears, my matric year was still filled with lots of enjoyable experiences amidst the stress of examinations and portfolio marks.

“Matric is an extremely rewarding year where if you put in the work and effort, you will reap the rewards,” he said.

The SAHETI learner described the 2023 matriculation journey as one of the highs of his life, also thanking his teachers at SAHETI High School.

“With the help of SAHETI, I was taught how to time manage and study effectively, and thus my marks reflected all the effort I put in.”

Deftereos says one of the lows for him that was hard to swallow was not being able to partake in sports as he had to focus on his final year of schooling.

What made it easy for him, he says, was also his love for sports as it taught him discipline, and also knowing that he had strong mental health, knowing once it's done he would go back to playing sports.

“One of the lows of my matric year was having to put some of my sports commitments to the side to focus on my academics,” the youngster recalls.

On his preliminary examinations, Deftereos said he found them challenging, but he says they prepared him for the final examinations.

“I found my preliminary examinations challenging; however, they were not at an impossible level but rather a level that tested us fully to ensure that we were fully ready for our final examinations,” he emphasises.

Just like his peers, Deftereos mentions that he would also like to study at one of the best institutions in the country, the University of the Witwatersrand.

He says his career choice is influenced by his love for finance and his ability to solve mathematical problems.

“I am hoping to study actuarial science at Wits University and hopefully start my own business in the future.”

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