A Soweto man, Mojalesa Plaas Mofokeng, has been sentenced to eight years for raping his neighbour’s dog.

File Photo: Tracey Adams / African News Agency / ANA

File Photo: Tracey Adams / African News Agency / ANA

Published May 5, 2022


A Soweto man, Mojalesa Plaas Mofokeng has been sentenced to 8 years for his neighbour’s dog.

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) celebrated as last week Mojalesa Plaas Mofokeng was found guilty of bestiality after raping his neighbour’s dog, Moana.

“In the early hours of November 21 2020, a tenant living on a property in Soweto witnessed the man naked and precariously positioned in Moana’s kennel. Having been caught with his pants literally down, he was then apprehended by members of the community,” said a NSPCA statement.

When the NSPCA arrived they found the dog severely violated and in need of urgent veterinary attention.

“The dog was immediately taken to the NSPCAs veterinarian for an emergency examination and treatment. Dr. Bryce Marock confirmed that the dog, named Moana, was inhumanely restrained, and demonstrated injuries consistent with rape. Moana was only 11 months old at the time of the assault,” said the statement.

According to the NSPCA Mofokeng was granted bail after his initial arrest; however, he contravened the imposed bail conditions by failing to appear before the court which resulted in him being rearrested.

According to the NSPCA with the original witness being absent in this matter, the conviction's success rested on the shoulders of NSPCAs Veterinary Consultant Dr. Marock, and Inspector Shiven Bodasing from the NSPCAs Special Investigations Unit.

This is the highest direct imprisonment sentencing ever imposed for animal cruelty in Africa said the NSPCA, and will set the precedent nationwide.

“Bestiality is a serious concern in our country. It is a shameful crime that is swept under carpets to protect perpetrators forgetting that bestiality usually progresses to the abuse of children and eventually other adult human beings at a later stage.

The NSPCA winning this case is of extreme significance. We hope that other bestiality cases being heard across the country will follow suit as a precedent has been set, and that animal rapists have been thoroughly cautioned of the consequences,“ said NSPCA Executive Director Marcelle Meredith.

She said that communities are encouraged to report bestiality and that together with the relentless pursuit of this movement, this can bring this evil to its knees.

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