ActionSA premier candidate says her administration will prioritise energy

Mpumalanga premier candidate Thoko Mashiane. Picture: X (@ThokoMashiane)

Mpumalanga premier candidate Thoko Mashiane. Picture: X (@ThokoMashiane)

Published Feb 15, 2024


The Mpumalanga premier candidate Thoko Mashiane pledged that her administration would prioritised the energy crisis that was crippling the economy.

Mashiane said to be able to curb the load shedding, she would first do away with the cadre deployment which she said led to the demise of the power utility.

She further said her administration would eliminate Eskom’s monopoly by allowing companies to produce electricity and enabling Independent Power Producer (IPPS).

“Our policy is not just a document; it is a testament to our resolve to turn the tide to ensure our energy future and to propel South Africa into a new age of prosperity and inclusive growth.

“The reality is that without immediate bold and decisive intervention, our homes, hospitals and schools will never have a consistent supply of electricity. With stage 6 load shedding upon us, we are all but certain to have a repeat of 2023, enduring another 6 800 hours of load shedding and more.

“This is why ActionSA is committed to tackling this energy crisis head on, with the courage to make tough decisions and do what is necessary to resolve our vision,” Mashiane said.

Furthermore, she said her organisation would increase financial incentives to the private sector and household to reduce their reliance on the national grid.

“Imagine a South Africa where we are rewarded for being energy efficient, where using less power puts money back into your pocket. That is why we are committing to South Africans, that we will end load shedding.”

She said this just days after the power utility announced that its systems were gradually returning its units to service.

The utility said the load shedding would remain at stage 3 until further notice.

On education, Mashiane said for the schools to function optimally, every school needed to have inspectors, adding that the process of hiring needed to fair and just.

“In doing so, we will ensure that district school inspectors are returned to Mpumalanga and SGBs are given the space to serve in the best interests of the learners.

“We will also prioritise an amendment of the salary structure for educators and ensure the allocation of a sufficient budget for this initiative to attract and retain high calibre professionals to the teaching profession in the province,” added the candidate.

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