Actress speaks out on abuse for child’s sake

Brenda Ngxoli. Picture: Facebook

Brenda Ngxoli. Picture: Facebook

Published Jun 17, 2024


ACTRESS Brenda Ngxoli has reclaimed the spotlight after revealing her life story, including allegations of family abuse that she says has endured for a long time.

Ngxoli made it known that she planned to talk publicly about her experiences this year, both personal and professional, including alleged verbal and physical abuse by family members, and her homelessness.

Known to not mince her words, Ngxoli came forward in a series of posts that have attracted attention on social media, saying her decision to speak out is for the benefit of her child.

The actress, who welcomed her daughter Sky at the end of 2022, says she is done covering her scars, detailing all her family encounters publicly.

“I said it: 2024 is the year I speak out from personal to professional. I’ve kept quiet for the sake of my family’s integrity. But all I’m doing is creating a safe haven for shenanigans that do not grow nor heal us as a family.

“I’m done covering up my scars. For my child’s sake. May she know that even if it was a while later? Mama spoke out.

“If you dare talk about what you don’t like, you will be told you are mentally unstable and your tone is wrong. I have been repeatedly threatened with being taken to the media. Exposed and destroyed. So here I am.”

She added: “I’ve been literally homeless for nearly 2 years now. Why must I leave it all to them to enjoy? Nithi Mandiyephi (where should I go?). It’s not like you are going to house me. Why must the victim make a plan and the perpetrators be left alone? Kwaze kwabuhlungu kum (I am in pain).”

Since then, a large number of her X fans have suggested that she shun her family for the benefit of her daughter.

Among those who gave her advice to build her home separately from her family was user @Mpumat. “Brenda, is it possible that you can build your home away from your family? You must choose peace for the sake of your daughter. I’m sure you don't want her to grow up in a toxic environment.”

@Ncumspice shared the sentiments about building a new home, further wishing her healing and peace. “I’m not shocked. I’ve heard stories like yours, and people are scared to speak up because it will ruin the family when the victim is already dead inside. I’m a believer in loving people from a distance to protect your peace, and I wish you healing and peace. Keep your distance.”