Nabil Zaki is passionate about the African continent
Nabil Zaki is passionate about the African continent

Africans must use resources to their own benefit

By MPILETSO MOTUMI Time of article published Dec 4, 2018

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As part of the 52nd training course for African journalists in Cairo, Egypt, Mr Nabil Zaki gave a lecture on the economic exploitation of African resources. 

Zaki, a published researcher, journalist and advocate for human rights, said it was time Africans owned their continent.

“Africa should not be in a position of disadvantage. In just a few years, this continent will have the largest population in the world.

With over a billion people living on the continent right now and Africans having two thirds of the world’s petroleum resources it makes no sense that 45% of the population is poor. The GDP of the continent is 2% that of the international GDP.”

Journalists who were part of the programme visited the Middle East News Agency in Cairo

Zaki said Africa was not making use of its natural resources, adding that the consistent foreign exploitation resulted in there being over 300 million Africans living in severe poverty.

“This exploitation started over 800 years ago with conflicts over natural resources with the western society. Countries like Nigeria, Angola, Chad and Libya are oil producing countries but they do not benefit from this."

Zaki said the problem lay between corruption, illegal agreements and transactions as well as tax evasion on state level. 

"There are 30% of the world's mineral reserves in Africa but the benefits are little for the people. About 50% of the African population live under 1 USD. Zambia for example is a mineral producer and 70% of the population uses 1.25 USD a day and over 50% of their population suffers from malnutrition."

Zaki said the progress of the African continent, and the economies of Africa will improve with the empowerment of its people, technological uses and access to markets that will result in benefits from the commodities produced. 

"We have to stop the bloodshed of the economies of Africa. The bleeding of Africa must stop," he said. 

Limpho Sello of Lesotho Times poses outside the Al-Ahram Newspaper House during a visit to several media houses in Egypt.

Journalists taking part in the 52nd Training programme in Cairo, Egypt visited various media production houses including the Al-Akhbar Printing House, the Middle East News Agency, the Al Ahram Newspaper and the Media Technology Institute during the three week programme. 


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