American music star Paypah overjoyed by warm reception in SA

American music star Paypah. I Supplied

American music star Paypah. I Supplied

Published Jun 13, 2024


US musician Paypah is elated to share his love for Afrobeats in South Africa, following a smooth transition from hip-hop, with the aim of expanding his brand.

His fondness for Afrobeats, which is inspired by Nigerian artist Burna Boy, has resulted in the release of 414 Da Motherland, an album that has garnered an impressive response from his fans.

Paypah is the first American hip-hop artist in California to use Afrobeats, and he has opted to film his music videos in South Africa and Ghana as he regards Africa as the motherland.

The star, who is known for his charismatic personality and writing feel-good music anthems, has also left a lasting impression in some of the schools he visited in South Africa.

The artist spoke to The Star and detailed his interests to grace South Africa.

What is the essence of your album 414 Da Motherland, and what inspired it?

So my album is called 414: The Motherland, so basically, you know how Africa is the motherland. So I got into metaphor 414: my grandparents address back home in Los Angeles and Sub-Central. So I call that motherland. So I am a big fan of Burna Boy, so I got into Afrobeats in 2023. So I released Part 1 of that album in June, and then I did a media tour in Ghana.

I also shot a music video, and it started doing really well. Then I came with part 2, so it dropped in June. Then I came to South Africa to do a media tour, club appearances, and tours in schools to expand the brand of music. This is to hopefully expand their love of music.

Is there a specific reason why you are doing school tours?

So the reason why I am doing school tours is to connect with the youth because I feel like now in music, you need the kids to build your brand and to connect with them more. And if you can connect and reach the kids, you can reach anybody.

How has the experience of gracing South Africa and the school tour you have done been?

It has been a great experience because it was my first time performing at a school in South Africa. But, as an artist, I know how to entertain. I have high energy, and I know how to connect with the youth because I am from the hood. So I also know what type of music to relate to.

What sparked your interest in making a transition from hip-hop to Afrobeats?

So back home in the state of California, I am the first artist to go from hip-hop to Afrobeats. I was inspired by Burna Boy.

How was your experience with South Africa after spending days seeing different cities?

I love how the cities look. It is different from what they show on television. I wanted to bring my American taste here with South African love and just blend it in and connect. I feel like in Africa, they accept you more.

Paypah says he will be returning to South Africa and hopes to make more collaborations, as he has been received with love.