ANC NEC members and treasurer- general Paul Mashatile happy with the ANC Gauteng Provincial Conference, saying it was peaceful

Published Jun 27, 2022


Panyaza Lesufi has been named as the new ANC Gauteng Provincial Chairperson, he defeated his competitor Lebogang Maile.

He was announced in the early hours of Monday morning during the 14th Gauteng Provincial Conference.

Maile congratulated the newly elected leadership and assure that would work with them and no one should take the ANC to court in their name.

This was a highly contested position by the two opponents who had a large number of support.

Lesufi obtained 575 votes while Maile obtained 543 votes making Lesufi emerging victorious.

ANC Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile expressed excitement that the conference was successful despite a number of challenges that let it to be long.

“So now that they took long to have credentials done, it means we won’t have complaints after conference. I am quiet happy that the conference was peaceful, there was no acrimony, comrades contested properly it’s a democratic way how the ANC does things so we are happy,” Mashatile said.

Following the announcement that Lesufi is the new chairperson, he was lost for words.

“Oiiiiii, oiiiiii… ,” Lesufi said.

This is loosely translated as expressing joy.

Maile said he accepted the the outcomes.

“We want to congratulate the newly elected leadership and we want to assure them of our support and commitment we are very happy all of us ran a clean a campaign befitting of ANC leaders and that’s what we want to see so all of us have a responsibility to rally behind this leadership no one must denounce this leadership in our name no one must take the ANC to court in our name we are now focus on 2024,” said Maile.

This conference has been described as historic following an election of three women in prominent positions including a position of Provincial Treasurer.

The conference had scores of challenges, it took more time than was complete the business of the day.

The conference started on Thursday and was expected to end on Sunday however an urgent court case and other matters led to a delay of completing planned programs.

The conference had its fair share of challenges including being taken to court over the Ekurhuleni conference’ 19 quarantined votes

By 7PM on Sunday delegates were still exercising their democratic right to voting for the Top 5 leadership,

Panyaza Lesufi and Lebogang Maile were both vying for the position of Chairperson.

Their supporters had been vocal and active in showing them love by singing, dancing and making hand gestures which made it easy for anyone to identify which supporters were supporting which faction.

Outgoing ANC Gauteng secretary general Jacob Khawe earlier on Sunday was nominated alongside TK Nciza and Thulani Kunene vying for the slot.

Paul Mojapelo was nominated in absentia for the position of treasurer.The conference broke up to prepare the ballot before voting takes place around 5PM yesterday.

When it comes to Organisational report:, the Theme: Reasserting the vision of the freedom charter in the year of renewal

The Report covered period from 2018 till now.

“The ANC remains the leader of society however it must perpetually earn that leadership role in society.

“The Loss at polls recently is a lesson that the ANC must not operate far from the people. Downward trajectory at the polls indicates that people are punishing and angry at the ANC.

“Problems it identified are factionalism. Process of renewal must target factionalism,” said the report

National Conference in December 2022

Conference said the incoming PEC has to build on the policy work they have already done since Provincial Lekgotla in February 2022 together with the discussion on the base document and the adopted regional conference resolutions.

Conference added that the incoming PEC should set up a special Provincial General Council (PGC) to sort out issues of strategy and tactics.

“Policy Review and Organisational Renewal as well as to develop a provincial response to the policy papers prepared for the national policy conference and the 55th ANC National Conference,” said the conference.

ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe said the newly elected leadership will host a media briefing today (Monday) to deliberate on the conference.

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