Advocate Marukgwane Moremogolo taking a break during the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon to read Zakes Mda's The Zulus of New York as a way of initiating a book campaign.
A Joburg advocate who aims to share his passion for literature and book awareness has initiated a book campaign in the most unexpected of ways.

At the 50th anniversary of the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon held last week, advocate Marukgwane Moremogolo, 39, shocked spectators as he ran the race while reading Zakes Mda's The Zulus of New York. He read in breaks from the 44km mark to the 56km mark of the race.

“I decided that perhaps if I run some kilometres, I could ask friends to donate books either for every kilometre, and people can donate books so that we can build two libraries in Atteridgeville and the Vaal area,” Moremogolo said.

He told The Star that the idea was based on the fact that most South African households don't read books for leisure.

“With some research, kids are not able to comprehend and understand what they are studying because they don't read books outside the school curriculum,” he said.

Moremogolo belongs to the Fat Cats Book Club, whose mission is to impact on the life of the currently disadvantaged children who might not have leisure books in their homes.

Moremogolo’s passion for reading began when he was 11 years old and his aunt's employer gave him Elvis Presley's autobiography to read.

“It made me dream and believe that anything is possible, because with all his childhood challenges, Elvis was able to become one of the greatest musicians ever,” he said.

The campaign has accumulated 250 books so far but Moremogolo said he would be running the second half of the Comrades Marathon in June reading a book to raise more than 600 books (mainly children's books).

The books will be distributed during National Book Week in September for Makgatho Primary School in Saulsville and Bula Tsela Primary School in Sebokeng.