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Friday, August 12, 2022

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Black Coffee back with new body of work in time for festive season

Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram

Black Coffee. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 24, 2020


Multi-award-winning DJ extraordinaire Black Coffee is back with a new body of work ready for fans, just in time for the festive season.

The record producer recently released his latest single I’m Fallin featuring US-based Australian singer and songwriter Ry X. The song came together seamlessly, even with the restrictions of the pandemic.

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“I work in advance. The song with Ry X is something I’ve been working on remotely. We haven’t met but have had numerous phone and video calls discussing the project and trying to make it better. I have always been a fan of his artistry and song-writing skills and his voice. He was one of those people I wanted to do music with,” said the DJ.

The song is a combination of classic South African House and the more mainstream Electronic Dance Music.

While Black Coffee describes his sound as “true Afropolitan house”, he doesn’t want to box what a Black Coffee production is.

“What I strive to do is to get a feeling. I want it to have a feeling; for people to connect to it. It doesn’t matter in what way, I just want it to touch you and mean something to you.

“I always find joy when I see tweets of how the music got people through the things they were going through.

“It doesn’t have to make you cry. I want to be in people’s lives and have a positive impact,” the DJ said.

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While the impact of the coronavirus has been devastating for artists, Black Coffee has found a way around the new normal.

“Covid-19 didn’t just affect the music industry, it affected us all and we eventually got around the new normal. Fortunately I have other things that I do that keep me busy. I got more involved in those other businesses.”

His latest body of work, SBCNSLY (Subconsciously), features several collaborations with artists across the board.

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“I’m at a place where I have outgrown being a one genre kind of producer. I have a range that I haven’t really utilised. Previously, I would try to bring all these elements into House music, which is something I still love but I feel like there is so much more I can say with different tempos and collaborations and artists.”

Black Coffee recently tweeted about a collaboration he was working on with international music producer Pharrell.

“We didn’t know what we wanted to make or whether it would be a dance song. We just wanted to work.”

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He features the likes of Sabrina Claudio, Sun-El Musician, Cassie, Usher, Tellaman, Una Rams and the talented Msaki, among many other industry names.

“One of my biggest dreams is to work with Beyoncé. I love her range and how she understands how to approach different songs. I feel like we can do something amazing.

“My interest goes from that to an unsigned artist because I gravitate more towards the voices and talent beyond the name.”

All the musical projects he has embarked on have made an impact on him, making it hard for him to choose a favourite.

“All of them are so different. Africa Rising holds a dear space in my existence. Music is King and what was achieved with those two shows, Africa is Not a Jungle which I do with other people; they all tick a box with me. I can’t choose one.”

On SBCNSLY, fans have a choice of 12 tracks. From Lost to the popular Lalala, club banger Drive to the mesmerising Wish You Were Here, SBCNSLY has something to offer for everyone.

“Music is there to be a companion. This album has different songs for different things.

“People must feel whatever they feel. The songs are all over the place, the project doesn’t symbolise just one thing. Different tempos and features, styles and artists. We always take away different things from songs … Whatever you take, take it and run with it.”

Fans can now stream or download Black Coffee’s featuring Ry X.

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