Could South Africa be in for yet another tough year? Renowned tarot card reader gives her predictions

Ursula Wania predicts Cyril Ramaphosa will not be a good long-term president. Picture: Supplied

Ursula Wania predicts Cyril Ramaphosa will not be a good long-term president. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 3, 2024


Last year proved to be a challenging year for many South Africans.

In 2023, we had tigers loose in the street!

It was also the start of the worst load shedding year on record, while Netflix announced it was ending password sharing.

Well-loved rapper and record producer AKA was murdered.

March was a month of madness; it was when the country was introduced to the Thabo Bester saga.

We lost our chance to see justice as the National Prosecuting Authority bungled the Gupta extradition case.

Then there were the fuel price hikes and the drama around Sassa grants.

Could all be a harbinger of what’s to come in 2024?

The Star caught up with one of the country’s renowned tarot card readers, Ursula Wania, to get her predictions on the year ahead.

Wania, who is also an astrologer, numerologist and certified theta healer, successfully predicted the election of USpPresident Bill Clinton, the break-up between Prince Andrew and Fergie, and the choice of the new South African flag before elections.

Wania has been reading cards for more than 25 years.

Here are her predictions for 2024:

There will be some signs of relief. We, as South Africans, have to persevere and fix our perception of ourselves. We are wanting more than what we have but it seems it will be the same old.

People will become more dedicated to fixing their own lives. Their hidden inner strength will come to the surface.

Finances will improve for some people but for others, it could become more volatile than before.

“There may be certain limitations and people are evaluating their plans to move forward. The government plays mind games. People will feel lost, disconnected and vulnerable. We will feel like we need more protection.

“We are manipulated and being taken advantage of, and many will start to realise this.”

The limitations are mainly about not seeing the whole picture but the picture will become clearer over time.

“There will be improvements; things will begin to get better in many aspects. We will feel as if we have lost our way, need to put in more work, regain our strength and find our path again.

“There will be a deeper search for answers, looking for other ways to move ahead. Many will do the opposite and lack the will to do things, as they feel stuck. No courage to fight and fearful about where we are heading. They can’t see their way out.

“State capture will be a tense situation, depending on others for help.”

The year brings a good chance of renewal, but there will be too too much resistance to that because of corruption. Even if funding is given to state-owned entities, history will repeat itself. The system consists of mind games and zero planning.

With regard to crime, South Africans will feel vulnerable and have an increased sensitivity to hidden forces. People will upgrade their security measures. Criminals will self-destruct. We will see liberation.

“Tense situations will require reconciliation. Try not to act impulsively.”

Interest rates will either remain as they are or decrease.

The National Health Insurance could become a reality as the government will get to a point where it cannot delay it. The NHI will bring many challenges but also also a good chance of renewal if the right people get involved with it. We will have private doctors but authority seems to have control over them too.

The ANC does not like to follow rules and it becomes rebellious. After elections, it will have some power and mess things up with its unstable ideas. It will become pushy and restless around election time. Many are lethargic, uninterested and won’t vote. This is the time we must vote.

The DA will have some limitations but will take the initiative in moving forward. Cape Town will become independent from the rest of Africa.

There is no change in the education system, although there could be talk of taking steps forward. It is an area that needs extra protection and parents won't feel safe about having their children at certain schools.

“We will see an increase in riots as others depend on the government and business to supply jobs. Unemployment will remain high.

“AI will start replacing human work positions. The situation with Eskom will worsen. The best is to come up with your own solution.”

There will be water issues because of maintenance. Try to store water if you can.

The economy will be the same as it was 2023.

A new financial system is ahead.

We could see another virus outbreak that will cause bigger problems in the long term that what we witnessed during Covid-19. It will be the same as before. Do your research.

We could see another lockdown but there will be a lot of push-back.

This year changes things, depending on the collective, will determine the outcome.

The Star