Picture: Neven Divkovic/Pixabay
Picture: Neven Divkovic/Pixabay

Crime Stats: Toyota, the most hijacked car in South Africa

By BOTHO MOLOSANKWE Time of article published Sep 12, 2019

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Johannesburg - If you drive a Toyota, hijackers are probably watching you with a keen eye, ready to pounce and take it.

However, if you drive a Chrysler, you may go through life with no worry of having your precious car stolen.

In fact, a Chrysler is far from hijackers' radar as only three have been stolen from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

This is according to the latest crime statistics that show that Toyota drivers are under siege from hijackers who prefer that brand.

In the past financial year, 5253 Toyota vehicles were hijacked countrywide. 

This was followed by Volkswagen of which 2877 were hijacked.

Nissan is another favourite as 1303 were hijacked, followed by Ford of which 1090 were hijacked.

The statistics have also revealed that more people are hijacked in townships and the inner city than anywhere else.

In 1 104 hijackings, a gun was used. 

In 29 cases, hijackers sprayed  pepper spray in the eyes of the victim, five used a brick. In one case, a hijacker used a knobkierrie.

While pointing a weapon at a motorist and threatening them is the modus operandi preferred by hijackers, police have revealed that some of the methods usually used include forcing a motorist to off ramp using another vehicle, throwing an object on the road, posing as a beggar or window cleaner, pouring something on the road and pretending to ask for assistance.

List of hijacked cars and hijackings reported

Toyota 5 253

VW 2 877

Nissan 1 303

Ford 1090

Hyundai 949

Isuzu 866

Mercedes Benz 775

BMW 598

Chevrolet 424

Kia 407

Opel 400

Mazda 394

Audi 363

Honda 301

Renault 323

Tat 87

Land Rover 85

Mitsubishi 77

Fiat 68

Daihatsu 68

Datsun 67

Jeep 52

Peugeot 46

Citroen 26

Lexus 19

Mahindra 18

Daewoo 13

Dodge 12

Porsche 9


Jaguar 8

Yamaha 7

Volvo 5

Chrysler 3

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