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Johannesburg - More people were murdered in Gauteng in the past financial year than anywhere else in the country.

With 4 495 people murdered as revealed in the 2018/19 financial year on Thursday morning, the province has recorded the highest number of murders in the country.

According to the 2018/19 crime statistics murder incidents breakdown per province, Gauteng became top of the list with a increase of 6.2% (262 incidents) from 4 233 incidents in 2017/18 to 4 495 in 2018/19. 

The province had eight of its police station in the list of the top 30 stations where high murder incident were reported since April 2018 to March 2019. 

At 132 murders, Johannesburg Central Police Station recorded the most crimes.

Trailing behind was Hillbrow police station with 111 incidents reported, which is a 13.3 increase from 2017/18 statistics. 

Jeppe police station is one of two Gauteng police stations which recorded a decrease in murder rates with a slight decrease of 14 incidents from 125 incidents reported in the previous financial year. 

Ivory Park also recorded a total of 106 murders in the 2018/19 and showed a decrease of two incidents from 2017/18. 

Ranking fifth was Moroka police station in Soweto with 105 murder incidents with an 8.2% increase from 97 in 2017/18. 

Kagiso Police Stations showed and increase incident from 101 to 102 murders in 2018/19 financial year. 

Dobsonville police station had a record of 89 murder incidents in 2017/18 and recorded an increasing in 2018/19 and is standing at 97 incidents, which is a 9.0% increase. 

Lastly, Orange Farm police station recorded a zero percent increase as it remained at 95 reported murder incidents. 

The statistics also revealed that most of the recorded murders incidents in Gauteng emanated from mob justice with 158 incidents out of the national record of 789 incidents, domestic violence with 152 incidents from a national record of 1 115 incidents and armed robbery with 128 incidents from a total of 751 nationally. 

Gauteng ranked first with taxi violence related murder cases with a record of 140 incidents out of 321 nationally followed by Western Cape with 103 incidents and KwaZulu Nata with 50 incidents.  

In relation to illegal mining, Gauteng ranked second after Free State with 11 murders from a national total of 63 cases. 

It was also revealed during the announcement of the crime statistics that most of the murders occurred between Friday and Sunday, between 6pm and 9am the next day. 

Police management also established that the top 10 instruments used in commission of these murders and at the top of the list was firearms followed by knives, unidentified sharp objects, body parts [assault], bricks, rocks and stones, sticks, bottles, sjambok, panga or machete and fire or matches. 

The murders of police officers reflected a decline nationally, declining from 85 to 77 in 2018/19.

Gauteng recorded a total of 17 police murders from a national record of 70, with nine of them being male officers and eight of which were female officers.

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