Police Minister Bheki Cele (left) and national police commissioner Khehla Sitole at a media briefing following the release of the 2017/18 crime statistics. Photo: Chantall Presence/African News Agency/ANA

Gauteng - For five years running, you are still most likely to get robbed in Johannesburg than anywhere else in the country. Joburg Central police station recorded the most cases of common robbery nationally.
From the top 30 police stations nationwide where common robbery was reported, Gauteng counts for almost half of these stations.

A total of 1 309 cases were reported at Joburg Central alone between April 2017 and March 2018.
For the past five years, Joburg Central police station has been the only station that constantly  clocked beyond a thousand cases of common robbery each year.

An overview of common robbery at top 30 police stations

Even though the numbers for common robbery in Gauteng decreased by well over a thousand from 2016/17, the current figure of 16 984 still towers the second highest number of cases reported, in Western Cape by, a clean 4 000.

As far as robbery with aggravating circumstances is concerned, Gauteng is still the top culprit with just over 51 000 cases reported. This time towering the second highest province, Western Cape again, by well over 25 000 cases.

An overview of robbery with aggravating circumstances at top 30 police stations

Some categories of robbery with aggravating circumstances include carjacking, bank robbery, residential and nonresidential robberies. And the most used weapon during these crimes is firearms.

The stats also show that you are about 500 time more likely to be followed to or from the Bank in Joburg than anywhere else in the country.

An overview of associated robbery: being followed to or from a bank

Police  Minister, Bheki Cele lambasted the statistics, saying "SA Police Service should put their heads on the block in that this situation must be arrested with the swiftness it deserves and it must be reversed with lightning speed," he said after he and SAPS management presented the crime statistics to Parliament.

"The worst thing we can do, which cannot be done in my tenure in this office, is to come and give the same crime stats next year or worse to what we've currently done."

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