DJ credits mom with inspiring her to follow her dreams

Skhumbuzo Mazibuko, fondly known as Midnight Uzo. Picture: Supplied

Skhumbuzo Mazibuko, fondly known as Midnight Uzo. Picture: Supplied

Published Jul 1, 2024


Skhumbuzo Mazibuko, fondly known as Midnight Uzo, gets candid about her music journey and shares details about her newest song with the legendary kwaito star Professor.

Her single, Hayi , explores the theme of a love song about wanting to see someone special, be it a friend, partner, or family member.

She also attributes her love for music to her mother, renowned politician Bathabile Dlamini, who she says constantly inspires her to pursue her goals.

Mazibuko further highlights that as a politician’s daughter, she had to establish her own identity independently of her mother and family.

Explaining the song, she said: “Hayi’ is essentially a love song about longing to see someone dear to me. People can interpret it how they wish in their own lives. It can be longing to see a partner, family member, or friend. But it is essentially a song of longing for love”.

The musician counts collaborating with Professor as a goal accomplished on her bucket list: “Having Professor bring his unique kwaito voice to the song made a big difference. The song is of international sound, and his lyrical prowess just made it relatable to home”.

The Afrohouse song perfectly captures the usage of jazzy melody, twirls, auxiliary noises, and expressive lyrics. Midnight Uzo isn’t afraid to venture beyond her pop-funk comfort zone.

She has managed to escape being classified or placed under a specific genre thanks to her free-form style and sound.

Being in a choir and coming from a musical family, the 28-year-old’s gift for music began at an early age.

She is also a creative researcher who combines the arts with her study, and she is eager to learn about and participate in a variety of entertainment business fields.

Mazibuko has mainly staged as a singer-trombone player throughout her university career and has served as a radio DJ host and producer, is a World Champion choir singer with the Stellenbosch University Choir, and is an advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Midnight Uzo reveals that she has accepted her role as a sangoma/healer and has a passion for the elderly spirit.

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