Ekurhuleni quintuplets Siyanda, Sibahle, Simesihle, Silindile and Sindisiwe are a year old.

Johannesburg - The Ekurhuleni quintuplets who made headlines when they were born a year ago are now a year old and giving their parents sleepless nights, literally.

Siyanda, Sibahle, Simesihle, Silindile and Sindisiwe were born on September 6 at Clinix Botshelong Empilweni Private Hospital in Vosloorus last year and were the fifth set of quintuplets to be born in South Africa since 1960. 

The births took their parents Prudence and Joe by surprise as they had been expecting triplets.

While Prudence and Joe are enjoying their miracle babies who continue to thrive, they stated that having five babies all at once has taken a strain on their finances and they hardly ever get any sleep too.

“We rotate sleeping,” Joe said.

“Sometimes we’re up from 1:30am to 4am. And we only got prams now, a year later, because we couldn’t afford them," he said.

Each child, the parents said, has their own  personality.

"Sibahle is quick to learn and teaches the others how to be naughty. Siyanda thinks he’s an only child and cries when any of the girls are picked up. 

"Simesihle is quiet and tends to get her hands stuck in the peanut butter jar. Silindile is quick-tempered but loves people and the youngest, Sindisiwe, is very independent but only mom and dad are allowed to hold her."

After the children's births made headlines last year, Cuddlers pledged a year’s supply of nappies to the Buthelezis.

However, marketing executive, Murray Booth said they decided to continue to sponsor the quints until they no longer need nappies, something Joe is grateful for.

“Getting a sponsor for nappies is huge,” said Joe.

“I honestly don’t think we would’ve survived otherwise. We are very grateful, Murray has personally made most of the product deliveries to our home. It’s rare to find people who give you so much assistance," he said.

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