Emtee speaks out about a racial ordeal encountered at restaurant

Rapper Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu.

Rapper Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu.

Published Mar 13, 2024


Multi-award-winning rapper Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu has spoken out candidly about his experience at Mike’s Kitchen, where he was kicked out alongside his friends with claims of having too many tattoos and smelling of weed.

Ndevu took to Instagram to share his ordeal with thousands of his fans, revealing how embarrassing it was.

“Me, @uncle.vinny, @yungseruno, and Bali were in the studio and load shedding hit, so we decided to go have lunch at @mikeskitchenparktown.

“We were dropped off. We walked in, and as we were being ushered to our table, a white man came and told us to leave because we smelled of weed and had too many tattoos. Mind you, our transport had left. This ho a** nigga kicked out the yard.

“Niggas was sitting on the pavement with some embarrassing shit. F**K MIKES KITCHEN IN PARK! YOU BOUT TO GET SERVED. The fuck!? Fuck y’all food!

“At this point, yall fu**in with me and my guys for nothing. When you say, ‘I’m going to call the cops’, actually do it! Scary ass bitch.

“Say NEVER GO TO MIKES KITCHEN IN PARKTOWN. Their son of butches is racist! Yeah, I said! Yall have to kill me. Mike’s kitchen in Park Town is going down. Watch,” he shared.

As more people weighed in on social media, Emtee shared a legal letter requesting a public apology to him and his friends as the situation gained traction.

Mike’s Kitchen shared a statement on social media explaining that the brand was incorrectly linked to the incident.

The eatery said it condemned any form of racism, discrimination, or prejudice at any establishment, including the recent incident reported at Mikes Heritage House.

“We at Mike’s Kitchen want to clarify issues regarding the recent reported incident involving, among others, artist Emtee at Mike’s Heritage House.

“Mike’s Kitchen does not own or operate the store in question, nor has it been affiliated with Mike’s Heritage House for some time now.

“We understand that the store operates under a name similar to that of the Mike’s Kitchen brand, and we are therefore incorrectly linked to this incident.

“We strongly condemn any form of racism, discrimination, or prejudice at any establishment, including the recent incident reported at Mikes Heritage House.

“Racism has no place in our society, and we stand firmly against it. It is imperative that all businesses, including Mike’s Kitchen, uphold the values of inclusivity, respect, and equality for all individuals.

"We, along with the rest of the community, urge Mikes Heritage House to take fast and decisive measures to resolve this issue, such as conducting a full investigation, enacting anti-discrimination policies, imposing strict disciplinary action, and giving sensitivity training.

“We urge all citizens and business owners to unite against racism and support efforts to build a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone.

“We also want to tell our customers that Mike’s Kitchen does not tolerate racism and is committed to fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.

“We apologise for any confusion created by the similarities in names and sincerely appreciate your continued support.

“We further reach out to Emtee, The Hustla, Uncle Vinny, Yung Seruno, and Bali to experience the true hospitality at one of our Mike’s Kitchen stores.

“We want to show you that your experience is not the norm in the industry and definitely does not represent the Mike’s Kitchen brand. Thank you for joining the Mike’s Kitchen Family.”

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