Freedom Park residents on high alert after discovery of multiple bodies

MMC for public safety Dr Mgcini Tshwaku. | Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

MMC for public safety Dr Mgcini Tshwaku. | Timothy Bernard Independent Newspapers

Published Nov 14, 2023


A dumping site in Freedom Park has turned into more than just a place for garbage disposal - it has become a dumping ground for dead bodies. Residents of the area say finding corpses at the site has become a frequent occurrence.

This comes after media report indicated that the residents are living in fear following this weekend’s discovery of dead bodies in the dumping site nearby.

According to eNCA, MMC for Public Safety, Dr Mgcini Tshwaku confirmed the recent gruesome discovery, adding that law enforcement agencies will be monitoring the situation closely.

The MMC visited he area on Sunday in response to the most recent finding of bodies made by city workers while they went about their daily lives.

“We are living in fear and feel unsafe as this has become a common occurrence in this part of Freedom Park,” one resident told the news channel on Sunday. “A city official while they were cleaning around here while they were picking up their refuse, a dead body fell. Another body was found abandoned and there were other ones as well. Members of the community confirmed that they are used to seeing bodies in the area.”

Following the formation of his tactical unit this past week, the MMC stated that monitoring such issues would be a part of the unit's duties.

However, the Gauteng police spokesperson, Colonel Mavela Masondo indicated that the police have not received any information about the gruesome discovery in the area.

“No such incident has been reported at any of the local police stations,” he said.

Speaking to The Star on Monday, a community member who identified himself as Asanda Mngomezulu, said this was not the first time the area has reported bodies.

“The discovery of bodies has become a common thing in the area. From time to time we do hear of people being left dead around here. There is a lot crime and guns usually go off at night and weekends at the worst times as people shoot one another randomly,” he said.

There had previously been reports of dead bodies in the vicinity.

Five dead with gunshot wounds were discovered in January 2022 in Freedom Park next to the busy Golden Highway. A passer-by noticed and called the police.

A resident of the area also reported to The Star last month that her brother was killed by unidentified criminals in July of this year when he was walking along Golden Highway.

“My brother, who had been accompanying his girlfriend, died a gruesome and painful death. Till this day, we do not know who killed him,” the resident had said.