Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi has described Freedom Park Secondary School as problematic and constantly giving them a headache.

Gauteng MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi has described  Freedom Park Secondary School as problematic and constantly giving the department a headache.

The school was in the news last week when police officers and patrollers who visited it to search for drugs and weapons were stoned and attacked by pupils who also smashed their vehicles.

Speaking to The Star on Monday morning, Lesufi said they had been experiencing problems across the board at the school, with teachers, pupils and parents.

He said there was a point where teachers stayed at home not teaching as they were unhappy with the principal. Those teachers were then asked to report to the district office.

Pupils who were then not happy with the fact that the teachers were sent to the district officer became disruptive, demanding their return.

"We got a new acting a principal and the Student Governing Body was also not happy. There was just dissatisfaction across the board."

Then last week Lesufi got a call from the principal that gangsters operating at the school. He asked the Eldorado Park Police Station for assistance and they, together with patrollers, went to the school to search for drugs and weapons.

However, pupils stoned them and also smashed their vehicles. Two officers were injured.

Lesufi went to the school on Friday to get information on the incident and was supposed to return on Monday but had to cancel due to other commitments.

He said due to the continued challenges they deal with at the school, the department has been thinking of re-establishing it by starting afresh with new staff.

However, they were not there yet, he said.

Even the school itself, though fairly new, has been vandalised, Lesufi said.

"It's a beautiful school that's not even five years old but it's vandalised. So many things are not working or stolen.

"The library has been turned upside down. It seems as if when people are not happy, they vandalise the school.

"There is security but the guards  don't carry guns. I mean, if they can attack police officers what of security guards who don't carry guns?"