FILE PHOTO: Friends talk by candle light.

Some parts of Kempton Park were still without power on Friday morning after the substation that feeds them exploded in the early hours of Saturday morning due to cable theft.

City of Ekurhuleni Head of the Electricity and Energy Department, Mark Wilson said the City managed to restore power in most of the areas on Wednesday night. However, they were trying to put more areas on depending on the usage total load.

“Unfortunately, we did not get all the customers back on during the day on Thursday. Overnight on Thursday we did complete the remainder of the substation,” Wilson said

“We tried to switch on in the early hours of Friday, but we found out as we switched on that there were cable faults in the network, so the two remaining areas we have a problem with are  Allen Grove and Glen Marais.

Wilson also dismissed claims that the power outage was caused by poor maintenance by the City.

“The original issue was the explosion that happened on one of our circuit breakers which burnt out the substation, the explosion was caused when there was an attempted cable theft,” he said.

Wilson said the City was expected to restore the power by midday on Friday as they would have to gradually pick up the load to prevent the inrush of the load.

Some residents, however, were frustrated as having to go for so many days without power especially at the time when temperatures were dropping. Many took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations such as @ee2meleng who wrote:

"I honestly never thought Friday would come and I would still be in the dark.... you guys are beyond prayers you are just plain evil. Its day 7, on this day God rested, you guys cant restore power to an area? How useless are you? Get people who can help you."

The municipality later faced the wrath of residents when it sent out a tweet asking that people reduce consumption:

"We request all customers to please lower their consumption and switch off geysers. The system is running at capacity and is constrained. We may have to initiate load shedding if capacity isn't reduced. Thank you for your understanding," they tweeted.

Many were not happy about that and made their feelings known amid frustration of being in the dark and the uncertainty of when power would be back.