Godi concerned about SA’s flip flop on decision on ICC

African People’s Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi. Picture: INMLSA

African People’s Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi. Picture: INMLSA

Published Apr 28, 2023


Johannesburg - African People’s Convention (APC) leader Themba Godi said he was concerned about South Africa’s handling of Vladimir Putin's visit and contradictions from the ruling party on views related to the International Crimes Court (ICC).

Earlier this week, statements made by the ANC, the secretary general of the ANC, and the President created confusion, making South Africa’s intentions to leave the ICC unclear. The ICC had issued a warrant of arrest for Putin.

The Russian leader was expected to attend the BRICS summit in South Africa later this year. South Africa is one of a number of world states affiliated with the ICC. In the past, the ANC had threatened to leave the ICC after concerns were raised by the African Union (AU) about warrants of arrest issued for African leaders.

"This has left the country as an international joke. The ANC's foreign policy has been wishy-washy in instances where it involves the West. This warrant against Putin is a geopolitical tool. We are caught flat-footed with the BRICS summit coming, thanks to the ambivalence of the ANC to take clear-cut decisions," he said.

Reflecting on 29 years of freedom as the country marked Freedom Day yesterday (Thurs), Godi said a small number of South Africans had benefited from the gains of a democratic country.

"The returns of freedom are not in line with the sacrifices that we made. Those that came into power in 1994 have somehow made a mockery of the sacrifices that so many paid. The corruption and anti-people policies have replicated the past, and the beneficiaries of apartheid are still reaping the benefits," Godi said.

He said with the ongoing electricity crisis, the high number of unemployed people, the lack of rule of law, and poor political direction, the country was exhibiting signs of a failed state.

"South Africa is a neo-colonial state, and all neo-colonial states are failed states. The state is unable to meet the needs and aspirations of the people," he said.

Godi said the APC was preparing to contest the upcoming national elections.

"The solution is defeat for the ANC and a massive positive show for the left. With a massive balance of forces favouring the left, we would be pushing to focus more on people-centred policies. The APC is ready to be in government," he said.

Godi was critical of the Moonshot Part, which would essentially formulate a strong opposition front against the ANC in next year’s elections. The DA has been criticised for its big brother mentality when it comes to coalitions and working with other parties.

The APC was expected to contest elections nationally and in at least eight provinces.