Half-naked influencer under fire for violating children's rights after inappropriate pictures with learners went viral

Lunya Makua, also known as Queen Minaj.Image:File

Lunya Makua, also known as Queen Minaj.Image:File

Published Sep 26, 2022


A furore erupted after several pictures of a half-naked woman inappropriately posing next to young learners spread across social media platforms.

A woman identified as Lunya Makua, affectionately known as Queen Minaj, reportedly took photos with school learners from Pepps Primary School in Limpopo and shared them on social media without their consent.

In some of the pictures circulating across social media platforms, learners are seen touching her behind as she continues to joyfully make exotic poses next to other learners.

Lunya Makua in raunchy pics with teens.Image:File

Queen Minaj is not new to being half-dressed and posing in public spaces, and as a result, it has sparked great concern.

More pictures of her have emerged and have since instigated strong calls to have Makua, who is also an influencer, held accountable for her actions, while others suggested a harsh punishment.

The school has since issued a statement and explained that it would follow up on the matter.

“We have been shocked by the photo that is circulating on social media of a socialite inappropriately posing with some PEPPS pupils. An opportunistic photo was taken with our pupils and, without their permission or ours, she has posted publicly. This is inappropriate and most unfortunate. She is in no way connected to PEPPS. We have reported the photo to Facebook, and we shall follow this matter to the full extent. PEPPS family, please spread the word that this post is not sanctioned by the school. The school is deeply upset.”

Lunya Makua in raunchy pics with teens.Image:File

Polokwane Weekly also revealed that Cosas is allegedly set to open a case against Queen Minaj.

“Cosas to open a case against Queen Minaj. Lebowakgomo: Cosas Limpopo regional secretary Koketso Koko says they will open a case against Queen Minaj.”

Concerned parents also weighed in about the matter, openly slamming Makua for her behaviour which many claims to be immoral.

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