AP reporter Darlene Superville. Picture: Twitter

Johannesburg - An Associate Press (AP) journalist who tweeted a picture of world leaders among them President Cyril Ramaphosa but referred to him as "one unidentified leader" did not know what hit her when South Africans responded to her tweet.

Darlene Superville, whose profile states that she's the White House reporter for AP, tweeted a picture of Ramaphosa in a group hug with the French president Emmanuel Macron, India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi as well Justin Trudeau of Canada at the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France.

While she not only identified the three presidents but also put their Twitter handles, she seemed to have not bothered to find out who the black guy was, raising the ire of South Africans who slammed her for failing to do basic research.

Others said the only reason she did not bother two find out who the 'unidentified leader' is because he is black. Some even called her skills as a journalist into question and tagged her employer.

Despite the backlash, Superville did not remove the tweet nor did she apologise for it as many others had demanded.