Kat Sinivasan and Roxy Burger are back as the hosts of E! Entertainment’s How Do I Look SA.

Tonight sees the return of hit makeover show How Do I Look.
The format for this second season has changed for the better, focussing more on the story behind the people involved. 

Kat Sinivasan, E! Entertainment presenter and the stylista of the show said it was time for him to have more of a voice on the show. “I now go to the homes and speak to the accomplices and we go around the city asking different people about their opinion on the pictures and contestants. It’s fun because I get to be more involved and I have a strong voice on fashion in the country.”

Roxy Burger, the anchor of the show,, was pregnant throughout the first season and it taught her many lessons.
“Maternity fashion is hard to find. I was growing by the second. It was an amazing opportunity because why can’t pregnant women present shows? They are working moms rocking it day in, day out. 

So it was amazing to be in that space representing a different perspective. I got so many messages and tweets saying it was amazing to see me on the show. We embraced it and celebrated it,” said Burger.
Shooting one 30 minute episode can take up to three days - one day of interviews, intervention and lessons, another day to try on the clothing and another day of reveals. 

A participant can take hours to try on clothing and see what she likes.
“The set feels like a cool loft, a space you want to hang out in and because of that it makes our accomplices and participant feel comfortable,” said Burger.
Sinivasan took the media on a tour around the new set at Sasani Studios.

“It has more personality, every room tells a different story. I have worked on many shows but never on such an amazing set as a presenter. It is so dynamic, you discover something new everyday.”

Burger said the show had a lot of feedback from across Africa.
“A lot of other regions and territories are watching the show and enjoying it and asking for versions of it in their own countries. 

My key role is to make the participant be comfortable. You can’t fake something like that. You have to care about their transformation. I didn’t expect the emotional journey. It’s not just about fashion and clothes, they are transformed into new people.” 

The first episode of the new season airs tonight at 8pm on E! Entertainment (DStv Channel 124). 

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