I’d rather quit, says Sir Trill as he makes a sabotage claim

Sir Trill. Picture: Instagram

Sir Trill. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 24, 2024


Local music artists have been rallying behind musician Tumelo “Sir Trill” Zwane after sparking concerns when he made claims about an unidentified producer who influenced artists to pull out of his song and those attempting to sabotage him.

In a series of Instagram posts, he disclosed how a producer, according to him, released the same tune that hampered his attempts to release a song.

“So I am trying to drop this song for you guys. This Nigga The ‘grootman’ is making artists pull out of the song. He made two artists pull out of the song. Uyislima (you are a fool), Bhuti (brother). What is it that you see that makes you so scared of a boy younger than you? You are scared of who I can become.

“Close the doors all you want. It won’t change the fact that I know the person you are, and I will never respect you or kiss your a**. I am one kid who won’t kiss your bullsh*t. I’d rather quit than kiss your a**. You are so scared of what I can become without you. This just showed me. You are Dizzy Grootman.

“I just realised that you even made the same song. Same song title. You are scared that I can be a better you one day.”

Heavy K, a well-known musician who recently worked with Sir Trill, talked about how he discovered certain people were attempting to sabotage him.

“Trill kind of told me about people trying to sabotage him or block him, but I spoke him out of that, and I told him not to put that in mind.

“Let’s just work on the music because I believe in him, but in the years I’ve been in the game, I’ve never seen or experienced artists pulling out.

“He ain’t talking about me because this is our song. T man pulled out first, then I put Professor. By the look of things, LeeMckrazy might pull out too from the song, even though they both gladly jumped on the song at first. I don’t know what changed, but the teams are still in talks.”

Sir Trill has been urged to come out and identify the producer by other artists, including Prince Kaybee.

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