Candles placed next to the helmets of the three firefighters who died in the #JoburgFire yesterday. Picture: Sibongile Mashaba

The Gauteng Department of infrastructure MEC Jacob Mamabolo says the death of the firefighters “is a matter that should be a separate investigation.”
He said another investigation on the cause of the fire is must be conducted. “The laws of our country should take full course.” 

He claims the process of moving workers from the burnt building was already underway. "From March 7 had started looking for an alternative building for the employees".
Mamabolo was giving an update regarding a fire at Bank of Lisbon building, a government building, in the CBD that claimed the lives of three firefighters.
“The real cause of the fire still has to be determined. Fire can start at any building even a new one,” he says.
A total of 1115 employees were safely evacuated from the building
“One health department employee and four firefighters are still in hospital.” 

The building has been ablaze for over 24 hours and Mamabolo says they have asked for reinforcements from Ekurhuleni and Tshwane to help extinguish the flames. “It should be possible to contain the fire to where it is.”

Mamabolo says there are seven other buildings that are not safe for occupation in the city.
“A fire can happen at any building. We don’t want to move people into other risky buildings.”

Officials will have a meeting at 5pm to discuss what to do with the findings in a report on the state of buildings, which they received last week.

The details of said report will shared next week, he said. “Starting next week we’ll start looking for alternative buildings.  We will not rush people to come back but we also won’t get workers staying home for too long.”
Students and workers in neighbouring buildings have been asked to evacuate their buildings.

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