ON STAGE: Radio host John Robbie will star in Janice Honeyman’s Snow White pantomime.
Legendary talk radio host John Robbie has joined the cast of the pantomime Snow White.

Robbie joined local radio broadcaster 702 in 1986 as a sports reporter and twice won the SA Sports Journalist of the Year award, once for radio and once for television. He is also an ambassador for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation. He retired after 30 years on 702. Writer and director Janice Honeyman said she had listened to him for years on the radio and appreciated his honesty and confrontation of controversial issues.

“I’ve since discovered that there is also a great fun guy in there, who is keen to enthusiastically take on the humour and topicality of our crazy panto pranks. Inside his rugger-bugger exterior, there lies a canny wit and a mischievous but mellow interior. He’s a lekker, normal guy, not pretentious or pompous,” she said.

Robbie grew up on pantomimes with his mom making them put one on during the Christmas period in his hometown of Greystones in Ireland.

“As kids we had parts and I have never forgotten the fun of it all. Now, after 30 years on radio, I have the chance to relive it all again on the professional stage.”

Robbie will play the role of Major Dumb-Ou of the Royal Palace of Cool Cornucopia.

Snow White is on The Mandela Stage at Joburg Theatre from November 3 to December 23. - Staff reporter